Is Selling on Amazon Still Profitable?

The idea of selling on Amazon can be enticing when you first get wind of it. However, it can quickly become frustrating as you begin to experience the impossible odds of selling on Amazon.

Time and effort are needed to find a profitable product worth selling, get the product listed, and then anticipate the kind of result that justifies the amount of effort you put into the process.

Many have resorted to the conclusion that selling on Amazon is no longer profitable.

Therefore, when Amazon started releasing data, AMZScout creators quickly jumped at the chance to automate the products selling tasks.

The aim is to solve the frustration many sellers face as they seek to make their Amazon FBA business profitable.

So, if you ever asked the question, is AMZScout legit? Then, here you have it. AMZScout is not like any other product research tool out there. It is cheaper, has more features, and can be trusted more than any similar tool.

How Does AMZScout Work?

Picture of AMZscout Tools

AMZScout is a web-app you can use to find the right niches and profitable products to sell on Amazon. With it, you get to search for useful products using keywords or categories.

You can also filter the products by price, estimated sales, number of reviews, seller type, product weight, product tier, estimated revenue, best seller rank, net margin, date of product’s first availability, listing quality, number of sellers selling the product on Amazon, product rating, and several other filter options.

You have up to 44 filters at your beck and call. Each one is fit for the products researching and tracking process, and they are easy to use. Only type what you want to scout and get things done within the blink of an eye.

AMZscout Tools and Features

AMZscout offers no less than 12 tools, focused on Amazon product research and retrieval. These tools are the main key point for a successful Amazon business. They include;

  • Sales estimates

With only one click and you’ll get all your niche information.

  • Revenue estimates

Putting all fees into consideration, get the product’s estimated revenue almost instantly.

  • Spy on the competition

Know what your competitors sell by spying on them. Also, add their best selling products and check their daily sales.

  • Keywords explorer

Add keywords that most users search when looking for a product like the one you have and add them to the title.

  • Fulfillment details

Get a full Amazon FBA fee and cost for every product so you can markup each product accurately.

  • View trends

Know the trends for every product using the Google trends analyzer.

  • Sales rank at a glance

Get insight into the activities of the best sellers in every niche.

  • Profit calculator

Calculate your estimated income using the profit calculator feature.

  • Sales history per year

Get to know which time of the year a product sells more by checking each product’s historic per year.

  • Instant information on ratings

You don’t want to list a product with many negative reviews, therefore, get the review info on every product.

  • Quality of product listing

Analyze and know whether a listing has excellent or low quality.

  • Quick product sourcing

Do you want to order a particular product? Get potential suppliers with one click.

Final Verdict

AMZScout is legit because the tools work great. Yes, it is another product research and sourcing tool, but it is in a class of its own. It’s unique and perfect, just what you need to build a successful Amazon FBA business.